the industry news agency
For more than 10 years, the industry news agency Rough & Polished has been covering events in the diamond industry and the world jewelry markets, as well as in the sphere of circulation of other precious stones and metals.

News, interviews and analyses are published on the Rough & Polished website in Russian, English, Chinese and Portuguese.

Our aim is to provide diamond market stakeholders with an opportunity to share their experiences and views on their business, its development and trends.

The materials
produced by Rough & Polished are used by diamond and jewelry companies, government agencies, banks and financial institutions.
We offer our readers:

current industry news from our correspondents in Russia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Israel, Belgium, Italy, India, China and the United States;
interviews with industry stakeholders;
comments and analyses from international diamond industry experts.
Аdvertising and information
support on the Rough & Polished website
We sell banner ad slots that are on permanent display to our readers without taking into account the number of views. Our banner ads are placed on the four existing versions of our website - in English, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese.

The advertising contract also provides comprehensive information support.

Below are possible advertising options:
Horizontal banner
above the website header displayed on each page across its entire width, 90 pixels high - $ 10,000 per month.
Banner 240x400 pixels in size
№ 1 - $ 5,000 per month
Turns into a horizontal rectangle right below a published article if the visitor clicks on the banner from the Home Page.

№ 2 - displayed on each page - $ 4,000 per month

№ 3 - displayed on each page - $ 3,000 per month
Banner 200x200 pixels in size
№ 1 - $ 3,000 per month
Displayed on each page of the sections Home, Exclusive, Expert Reports and News.

№ 2 - $ 2,500 per month
Displayed at the bottom of each page of the sections Home, Exclusive, Expert Reports and News.
Banner 240x180 pixels in size
$ 2,000 per month
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Discounts on each signed contract for:

3 months - 10%
6 months - 20%
12 months - 30%

Note. Banners will not be placed on the pages in the sections Search and About (except for the horizontal banners displayed on each page).
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